Push Over Dual Action Tool

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Push Over

Cuticle pusher and acrylic nail remover

Ah, Push It

This soft-flex, multi-use tool is a must have for every home mani kit. Side A is designed to gently push your cuticles back, creating the perfect base for applying Instant Acrylics™ and other nail products, without causing damage to your cuticles. Having a clean base can improve wear time for Instant Acrylics™, and creates the best surface to apply other nail products.

Side B means removing your Instant Acrylics™ just got easier. Simply slide the end of the pusher between your natural nail and Instant Acrylic™ to separate the bond formed by the glue, sliding the pusher until your Instant Acrylic™ is off.


Cuticle Pusher

  1. Use side A to gently push back your cuticles for a flawless application of Instant Acrylics

  2. Buff nail bed after pushing cuticles for the best results, and follow with an alcohol wipe

Instant Acrylic Nail Remover

  1. For best results, wait at least 5 days before attempting to remove Instant Acrylics that have been applied with glue

  2. Use side B to carefully pry your Instant Acrylic™ nails away by gently slipping the end between your natural nail and the acrylic while supporting your fingers

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