Ever wondered what an ‘apex curve’ is or what ballerina nails look like? We explain all the important tingz here, in the Très She Glossary.

  Tres She Glossary


Almond A classic, rounded-off, tapered nail shape.


Alcohol wipe A small cotton sheet soaked in Isopropyl alcohol that is used in cosmetics, to wipe and disinfect, dry and clean a small area of skin or nails, with individually wrapped, disposable sachet.


Apex The highest part of the nail in the middle part of the nail bed.


Ballerina Our first ever Très-Shape™, we’ve been dancing around with ballerina nails since the beginning. Created exclusively for Très She® in 2016, this is a tapered shape with a squared-off tip - just like a ballet slipper. Available in long.


Buffer A soft sanding block with a low density, coarse finish for gently smoothing and buffing the ridges out of nails and prepping natural nails for your application.


Buffing Plate A small flat disk with a coarse finish in a replaceable head that is used with your electric eFile device. The Buffing Plate is designed to file, shape and buff false nails or natural nails, faster than ever and with minimal effort. 


C-curve The curvature or arch of a false nail is known as the C-Curve.


Chonga Spanish-derived term originating from Miami: a distinct Latina baddie subculture of working-class women who are very sassy, sexual, and expressive.


Chongalicious is ‘Chonga’ to the max.


Coffin Tapered nail shape with a blunt end. This acrylic nail shape looks like it sounds.


Custom Set A made-to-order set of acrylic or false nails that have been custom designed.


Cuticle The layer of clear skin at the bottom edge of your fingernail and lays flat to the nail bed.


Cuticle Pusher A salon tool used to scrape away or push back the cuticle from the nail bed to leave a smooth surface from which to apply your false nail.


Drill bit A small replaceable drill head with a coarse finish that is used with your electric nail file (eFile) device. The Drill Bit is most commonly used to buff away dried or built-up glue from the back of used false nails. Clean up your acrylics with little to no effort using this little wonder. 


Duckbill This nail shape looks just as it sounds. A flared, exaggerated nail shape that was introduced to the world in the early 2000’s and has since made a reappearance in pop culture in late 2020.


eFile Basically your lifesaver. And while it looks like one, no, it’s not a vibrator.  Launched in 2019, Très She® introduced its mini, mobile, electronic buffing and drilling tool to take all the effort out of shaping, filing or prepping your nails. It comes with a set of spare, replaceable heads.


Emery board This is what we, and salon techs call a nail file. A coarse-grit, flat board designed to shape your natural or acrylic nails using long sweeping motion. You get a 5 in a pack with the Très She® ‘Shape Up’ disposable set. 


Fake Nails A temporary or imitation nail that is applied to the surface of your natural nail, tricking everyone into thinking you have naturally long nails. 


Flex Gently malleable while not being brittle.


French Tip The tip is painted a contrasting colour to the base of the nail with a clean, crisp smile line for a contrasted finish. Traditionally in white but not always.


Fresh Set A brand new manicure.


High Smile-Line When the curved line separating the base of the nail to the tip is set higher than the natural end of the finger, this is a ‘high smile line’. In 2018, Très She® launched the first ever ‘high smile line’ French-tipped Instant Acrylics™, evolving the way we see the classic 90s French manicure and setting off an explosive salon trend.


Holo Short for holographic. A solid reflective, rainbow effect that can only be described as a laser beam.


How Long? The first most important question asked in a nail-salon, followed closely by “what shape” and “which color”...


Instant Acrylics™ A unique style of false nails by Très She® that are applied in minutes to look and feel just like salon acrylics. 


Iridescent A transparent pastel-rainbow effect that leaves a pearlescent mermaid finish. 


Jelly A transparent acrylic nail color that you can see through.


Krocaine is the queen of nail art from Miami. This celebrity nail artist is your favorite nail tech’s, favorite nail tech. 


Length Matters if you wear long nails, this needs no explanation. 


Matte Neither shiny or glossy. If your manicure has a matte finish, expect it to be smooth with a soft-touch feel.


Mid-length Not too long, not too short - just right.


Milky A translucent acrylic that is both sheer and opaque. It’s not not quite jelly.


Nail Art Tiny, hand painted designs.


Opaque a solid acrylic colour that is not see-through.


Oval A rounded, symmetrical nail shape where the cuticle shape matches the tip.


Pusher (or Push Over™) Our affectionate term for a cuticle pusher that doubles as a fake nail remover. Because who doesn't love a 2-in-1?


Round This nail shape is symmetrical at the cuticle line and at the tip, with rounded off edges and straight sides.


Sea Glass A jelly nail with a matte finish to give a sandblasted or sea glass effect


Shorty Our shortest, ‘natural’ length nails. These Instant Acrylics™ are coming soon to Très She®.


Smile-Line Is a half-circle that resembles a smile, visible on a nail where the finger ends and the free edge, or nail length, begins. Or in other words: the line where a French manicure is painted to.


Snippers The affectionate term we give our acrylic nail cutters or nail clippers. Très She Snippers™ are salon quality acrylic nail cutters, designed to shorten the length of your Instant Acrylics™. When regular nail clippers won’t cut it, opt for these professional clippers instead.


Stick On Nails Also known as ‘press-on nails’, or as we like to call them; Instant Acrylics™.


Stiletto An extremely sharp, pointy nail shape. Can be worn long or short.


Square A straight edged nail shape that features a blunt, visibly-squared tip. 


Tapered when the tip of a nail shape gradually gets narrower.


Tip The top part of the nail, it's a bit thinner in profile to give an elegant streamline look.


Très-Shape™ [Trey-shape] refers to any and all of the Très She® nail shapes.


Très She® Once thought to be pronounced Trash-ee or Trashy, the French inspired name, Très She (or ‘trey-she’ how it’s actually pronounced), describes the brand of fake nails that feature exclusive, salon-style acrylic nails that are applied in an instant. No salon necessary.


Tres She Baby (#TresSheBaby) A picture tells a thousand words and one look at this hashtag will explain better than we ever could.


XXX (or Rated-XXX) Welcome to our very own rating for the most extreme extra-long nail length we have available. Developed in 2018 and exclusively for Très She®, these ultra long acrylics are currently available in a coffin shape.