Detailed Application Tips

Here's where you can find detailed information about applying and wearing Très She Instant Acrylics™


How long will my Instant Acrylics last?

Très She Glue: When applied correctly with Très She nail glue, your Instant Acrylics can stay on for up to two weeks. Wear time will vary depending on your application method and how you wear them.

Nail Stickers: When using the adhesive tabs provided, your Instant Acrylics can last up to two days. This method is perfect for a weekend party or a night out, having your nails back to normal for the office on a Monday morning.

Très She Glue and Nail Stickers: When using both the nail stickers and Très She glue, your Instant Acrylics can last up to six days. This method is perfect for medium-term wear, and makes removal easier when you’re ready to take them off.

NOTE: When applied correctly, our Instant Acrylics should stay on for their maximum duration; this is, however, dependent on your lifestyle. Factors like how you wear them and which adhesive technique you use will affect the length of time that your nails stay on.


Steps for applying your Instant Acrylics

Instructions for application of your Instant Acrylics are outlined on the box, and below we have outlined the steps for three different application methods.

Application using Très She glue:
  1. Find the sizes that best fit your nails and lay them out in order

  2. Lightly buff your natural nail using the buffer provided

  3. Wipe each nail using the cleansing pad (alcohol wipe)

  4. Apply a thin layer of glue to your entire nail and place the Instant Acrylic down and inline with your cuticle. Hold it down firmly for 5-10 seconds

  5. Repeat on all fingers and Voila! - Instant manicure!

For application using Nail Stickers, follow the same preparation steps as above then;
  1. Select the nail sticker size closest to your natural nail, gently peel it from the sticker sheet and press it firmly onto your natural nail, being careful not to touch the sticky side of the tab

  2. Remove the protective layer of plastic from the tab and place the Instant Acrylic down and inline with your cuticle. Hold it down firmly for 5-10 seconds

  3. Repeat on all fingers and Voila! - Instant manicure!

For application using Très She glue and Nail stickers, follow the same steps as above, then;
  1. Remove the plastic cover from the tab and apply a dot of Très She glue to the tab. Place the Instant Acrylic down and inline with your cuticle. Hold it down firmly for 5-10 seconds

  2. Repeat on all fingers and Voila! - Instant manicure!

HANDY TIPS: Nail adhesives and glues can be tricky to use at first and will require extra care when handling!

Things to look out for:

  • Don't let the nail glue come in contact with your skin.

  • Don't apply too much glue. You only need a minimal amount of glue covering the surface of your natural nail.

    Can I shower or bathe while wearing my Instant Acrylics?

    Of course! Taking a shower or bath is perfectly fine, provided your Instant Acrylics have been applied using the Très She glue - which is waterproof and our strongest nail adhesive. 

    BUT! If using the sticky adhesive nail tabs, bath-time can present some challenges as the tabs are typically removed by soaking in warm water! We recommend you avoid warm or hot water when using the sticky tabs, until you want to remove them.

    If you’ve applied your nails using Très She glue and nail stickers together, we recommend avoiding soaking your hands in warm or hot water for extended periods of time.


    How do I remove my Instant Acrylics?

    If you’ve applied your Instant Acrylics using the glue supplied, this can be tricky because our glue is super strong! A helpful video with some clear steps to follow can be found here.

    Removing your Instant Acrylics when they have been applied with tabs is easy; just soak your hands in warm water for a few minutes and you can simply peel the nails off, one by one. 

    To remove your Instant Acrylics when they have been applied with tabs and glue, soak your hands in warm water for a few minutes and slowly peel the Instant Acrylics off while supporting your natural nail.


    Can I reuse my Instant Acrylics?

    Our Instant Acrylics offer superior quality, so in short, yes. They can be reused if you've removed them carefully.

    Reuse will depend on how you wear and remove them each time. If you are hard wearing on your hands, reusing them can be difficult.

    Due to the varied nature of how individuals wear their Instant Acrylics, as a general rule we don’t recommend reusing them.

    Like salon nails, Instant Acrylics can be damaged from heavy wear and tear or even during the removal process. 

    If you do wish to extend the life of your sets, try your best to take good care of them whilst wearing and removing!

    HANDY TIP: If you have applied your Instant Acrylics with the sticky tabs, after each wear, simply remove any residual tabs from the nail back, using tweezers, before storing your nails for next time.

    Dried or built-up glue on the backs of used Instant Acrylics, can be removed easily with our Très She eFile. Check it out in our 'Tools' section!


    How do I know if my size is included?

    Our Instant Acrylics sets come complete with 24 nails in 12 different sizes. This ensures you will find your correct size and even have some spares!


    What if I run out of glue or nail stickers?

    You can purchase one of our Très She Application Kits via our Tools section, which contains everything you need to apply your Instant Acrylics perfectly. 


    Can I customise my Instant Acrylic nails with nail polish or gel?

    Très She Instant Acrylics have been specifically developed to facilitate customising style and shape. While this means you can clip, file, paint, pierce or adorn your sets to your heart’s content, the best nails for this are our ‘Crystal’ sets. They’re the ideal blank canvas to work with for a customised set. 

    Things to remember if deciding to alter your Très She Instant Acrylics: 

    • Our nail finishes imitate a salon manicure and this may affect how gel or nail polished adhere
    • Acetone will damage our acrylics, so we recommend non-acetone products only
    • Any permanent changes made to your nails are at your own risk. While we encourage you to be creative, remember that changes are often not reversible and we can’t be responsible for any damage caused to your sets after customising


    Can I cut or alter the length of my Instant Acrylics?

    All our Instant Acrylics are fully customisable, meaning they can be cut and filed to suit your desired length and style, without causing damage to the nail.

    To change the length: 

    Use our Nail Snippers or any other clippers and cut straight across for your desired length, then smooth the end with a file (any file will do the trick).

    Re-Shape your Instant Acrylics: 
    • Stiletto: Clip each corner off, leaving the peak in the middle, then smooth the edges with a file, leaving a sharp point.

    • Almond: Smooth the corners off with a file, leaving all the edges smooth.

    • Square: Use acrylic nail clippers to cut straight across. File to finish.

    HANDY TIP: Head to our Instagram to view our 'Reshaped' Highlights for customer examples of customised nails.


    Why did my Instant Acrylics fall off on the first day?

    Oh, no! It sounds like something has gone wrong with your application process.

    Natural oils or even non-acetone remover residue can be the sworn enemy of your Instant Acrylics.

    Application requires a careful preparation and following the instructions is critical to ensure a long-wearing, instant manicure:

    Buff your natural nail bed well, leaving no part shiny. Ensure you have properly cleaned away any nail dust and oils, using the nail cleansing (alcohol) pad provided.

    Take care not to touch your natural nail with your finger after it has been prepared for application.

    HANDY TIP: Take the utmost care to apply your nails in a dry, clean environment, free of dust and oils or makeup products. Only the best results will come from a perfectly prepped natural nail!


    Can I use tabs and glue together?

    Yes, this is a great technique, especially if your natural nail has less of a curve than our Instant Acrylic. Applying your tabs onto a clean, well-prepared natural nail and following with glue, will keep the nails on tightly, plus makes removal easier. A win/win!


    I got glue on my finger; what should I do?

    Glue application can be tricky at first. If you get glue on your finger, wait for it to dry. It can be removed carefully using acetone and a cotton tip. Note: it is crucial not to get acetone on the Instant Acrylics as it will damage them. 

    Using a q-tip, apply the acetone to the glue on your finger. Then you can scrape the excess glue off your skin with your nail.


    Can salon gel be used to glue down my Instant Acrylics?

    If you want to have a nail salon gel applied to adhere your Instant Acrylics, it’s possible on our jelly or transparent styles only. For our opaque styles (i.e. the UV light will not pass through), acrylic could be used instead. We recommend, however - using the glue supplied.

    How can I stop the glue from being visible when applying clear Instant Acrylics?

    Follow these steps to assist your application of clear and translucent nails:

    • Put a smooth layer of glue on the natural nail bed (keep it as thin as possible) 

    • Place your instant acrylic nail down, and line up with the cuticle

    • Press down very firmly and hold for 10-12 seconds 

    HANDY TIP: Cover the whole nails area with glue thinly, leaving no gaps. If you use too much glue, it will spill out around the sides of your nail, when you are pressing down firmly.



    If you've had some issues with your application, don't worry, we can help! Review some of these important tips to see where you may have gone wrong!


    You can clean your nails with nail polish remover, but only if it's pure acetone. Any remover that claims to have nourishing qualities will most likely have oil in it, and this will not allow the nail to be glued down well.


    Acetone will melt Instant Acrylics, so keep it away from them. Alcohol is advised over acetone.

    You can use acetone to remove the Instant Acrylics, only if you do not wish to use them again; acetone will damage them during removal. 


    We recommend buffers and not nail files. When applying Instant Acrylics™ or re-shaping, coarse or gritty nail files will cause abrasions or damage.


    Oils will cause your glue and or adhesive tabs to loosen, and your Instant Acrylics will become unstuck or wear-time shortened. If you wish to use cuticle oil, we recommend doing this care step 1-2 days prior to your Instant Acrylics application.