Nail Snippers™

Très She


Nail Snippers™

Salon professional acrylic nail clippers

Because Length Matters

"How long?" has transcended the nail salon. Find your perfect length with this easy-to-use acrylic nail clipper. Simply squeeze and snip.


  • Salon quality, professional grade

  • Made from stainless steel

  • Suitable for left and right handed use


  1. Insert your nail into the (curved) space at the top of the clippers

  2. Ensure your nail is straight, and lined up to the desired length

  3. Squeeze the handles firmly to make the cut. Be careful, this step can’t be undone!

  4. Repeat on all 10 nails 

  5. Use a buffer to smooth away any rough edges

*Before making your first snip, practice on a spare nail that you don't intend to use. 

    HOT TIP! Get an even result on every nail by drawing with a pencil, a line to mark your desired length on the underside of each nail. Use this line as a cutting guide to help ensure each nail will be cut evenly. Once you’re certain of the length - snip each nail to the line.