Nail Dehydrator

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Thirsty™ Nail Dehydrator

Stay Thirsty with our bubblegum scented nail dehydrator

Paint Me First

Our best kept secret for an extended wear time. Strip oils from the surface of your nails and prep like a pro.


  1. After buffing and cleaning your natural nails, brush a small amount of Thirsty dehydrator over each nail bed. 

  2. Allow to dry for a few seconds before applying your adhesive and Très She Instant Acrylics™.

HOT TIP! Natural oils or even non-acetone remover residue can be the sworn enemy of your Instant Acrylics! Take the utmost care to apply your nails in a dry, clean environment, free of dust and oils or makeup products. Only the best results will come from a perfectly prepped natural nail.


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