Tres She eFile

Très She


Tres She eFile is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Très She eFile

Glue remover and nail shaper

The Ultimate Nail Revival System In One Device

Remove glue build up and reshape your Très She Instant Acrylics™ like a pro. Cute and convenient, the eFile will give your used acrylic nails a new lease on life. Simply remove residual glue from the back of your Très She Instant Acrylics™ and take them for another spin.


  • 7 piece set with interchangeable attachments to remove glue, shape and buff
  • Battery operated. No need for cords
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Kit contains: eFile device, 5 drill bits, 2 buffing discs


  1. Glue removal

Heres how to remove the glue from behind your Très She Instant Acrylics™:

  1. Attach the drill bit into the port on your eFile device
  2. Press the power button to start the drill in motion. You'll hear the buzzing sound
  3. Gently use your drill to remove any built up residue or dried glue from behind each nail
  4. Using a slow and steady motion, continue to remove any adhesive until the nail is once again smooth to the touch
  5. Using a clean cloth, wipe away any residual dust or debris from the back of the nail
  6. Yes! Your nails are now ready to re-apply.

    1. Reshaping your Très She Instant Acrylics™

    Sharpen and smooth edges, or reshape your Très She Instant Acrylics™

    1. Attach the round buffing disc into the port of your eFile device
    2. Press the power button to activate your device
    3. Using the rotating buffer, revive the original shape, sharpen up the edges, or reshape to your liking.

      1. Prep your nails prior to application
      1. Lightly buff your natural nail using the buffing disc and wipe down each nail bed using our Très She nail cleansing wipe.

      Now you're ready to apply your Très She Instant Acrylics™ to perfection!

      PLEASE NOTE: Batteries not included.